Do you supply the alcohol for our party?

  • Nope! our clients provide their own alcohol to be used with The cabooze vs. us selling it at a markup.

          Don't worry - we can help you come up with the perfect shopping list. Heck - we'll even do the shopping for you if need be for a small fee.

​How big is the Cabooze camper? 

  • Our booze caboose is 5ft 4in at her widest point and 8ft long. We recommend a gate clearance of 6ft to ensure we can maneuver her into the space and a dedicated area of approximately 10x15 feet during your event to create a comfortable bar space for your guests.

​Are you insured?

  • You betcha! We're happy to provide our policy upon request!

​How many kegs can The Cabooze accommodate? 

  • She can fit up to two standard "Half Kegs" or Four 5 Gallon (Cornelius aka Corny or 1/6 aka Sixtel) kegs at a time.

          Keep in mind that some kegs are larger than others so just shoot us a message if you're curious about something specific!

We already have a bartending service. Can they utilize The Cabooze to add a draft option to our bar?

  • Sure! If they are into the idea, we would love to collaborate! 

​How does The cabooze run? 

  • Our Kegerators are powered by electricity. We do request that there be a dedicated outlet to run off of.

          if one isn't available we can add a generator to your package for an additional fee.

​My event is outside of the 30 mile radius, can we still use The Cabooze?

  • Shoot us a message with your event details and we'll see what we can make happen! 

​Can we pick up the camper and take her to an event or trip?

  • Sorry, but no. We require that she be transported by our team wherever she goes.

​Are there any restrictions on where we can utilize The Cabooze? 

  • Of course, silly! We have to adhere to all applicable laws and venue guidelines. If you're not sure, feel free to touch base and we'll do our best to figure out whether we're a good fit for your event!

​What types of drinks can we put on tap?

  • Right now we are working with CO2 and Sankey D or Ball Lock couplers but we're open to expanding that in the future! There are a LOT of options with this rigging. Most domestic and local craft beers are good to go. We've found kegged wine that can be shipped directly to you. St Pete's own Mother Kombucha kegs their product and fits perfectly into our system. And with Corny Kegs you can mix up almost anything if you want to take the time to perfect the recipe - that can even include a lot of alcohol free options!