Our awesome kegerator outfitted cabooze 

Delivery, complete with setup and breakdown

Bar Menu planning assistance 

​Shopping Trip - $75
Per Person Mixer Package - $4 per person
30 Gallon cooler of ice - $20
Barrel Table Rental - $50
Market Lights - $50
Generator – Required if no dedicated power source is available - $50​

​Vinyl Branding or decor - Custom priced based on design

Glassware - Various options available based on what you're serving

The Cabooze trailer complete with 

bartending service via our certified and insured bartender (Up to 100 guests)

additional Bartenders available for larger events 

Each event has different needs so we customize our pricing based on a few factors

For an quick and accurate quote, please touch base with us! 

Our Tiny camper is approximately 5 feet, 4 inches at its widest point.

We recommend a clearance of at least 6 feet to ensure we can maneuver the cabooze into your event space.